Halloween Scavenger Hunt Riddles

October 31 is a day full of surprises, both scary and fun, so why not add some surpises to your Halloween party with a scavenger hunt? Little ghosts and big ghouls alike will have a great time racing around, trying to solve the clues first. (An added feature is burning off some of that sugar rush.) And you'll enjoy it, too. Coming up with Halloween Scavenger Hunt Riddles is a scream!

Think about your guests, location and decor. Do you have a large tree in your backyard that just needs moonlight to look a little spooky? Do you have doorways that beg for spiderweb decorations? Can your trusty sweeper double as a witch's broomstick? Will your partiers work solo or in teams? The possibilities are endless.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Riddles don't have to rhyme, but it does add a bit of a spell-casting allure. Here are some to get you started!


  • On little padded feet, I walk with steps light. My nose is soft pink, my fur is dark as night. (Black cat)
  • My fingers are bare, my arms stretch in the sky. My skin is rough and bumpy, I'm home to those who fly. (Tree)
  • Lines of silk, feet four by four, I get stuck in your hair when hung by a door. (Spiderweb)
  • By day, I clean floors, free of dust and dirt. At night I fly, hold on tight, don't get hurt. (Broomstick)
  • Bubble, stir, sip and pop. Better be careful and don't spill a drop! (Witches brew)
  • Open my head, scoop out my brains, light a candle and hope it doesn't rain! (Jack-O-Lantern)
  • I live in a stone house, ancient and old. Don't open my house or a curse will unfold! (Mummy)
  • No feet or hands, yet there's much I can do. I float and fly and like to scream, "Boo!" (A ghost)
  • I sleep all day, at night I wander free. When I look in the mirror, there's nothing to see. (Vampire)
  • From high on my perch, I watch as things grow. I'm needed in sun, but not in the snow. (Scarecrow)
  • Many interlocking pieces work together with ease. My grin can be scary and might make you freeze! (Skeleton)
  • No feathers on my wings, I fly through the sky. My body is furry, red is my eye. (A bat)
  • An alternative to rhyming scavenger hunt clues is a riddle.


  • What's a Mummy's favorite type of music? Wrap music. (Look near the stereo, cds or radio)
  • What kind of makeup do ghosts wear? Ma-scare-a. (Look in the bathroom or medicine cabinet)
  • What do baby ghosts wear on their feet? Boo-ties (Look in the closet, by shoes)
  • What do you call a witch's garage? A broom closet (Look near the broom or cleaning supplies. Be sure to hide anything dangerous from little ones.)

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Are these riddles not quite right for you? Do you want to use these ideas and write some of your own halloween scavenger hunt clues? Need a more elaborate hunt for different age groups? Want to change the order of the riddles? Want a nice design? Try our scavenger hunt creator (Free Trial).

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Photo Scavenger Hunt

A more visual option is to take pictures of Halloween objects, crop them close so they're not easily identifiable and print the images out for your guests to find. Pumpkins, trees, scarecrows and leaves look different close up. Find groups of images with a common theme, like a broomstick, cauldron and hat for a witch. An orange theme could be a pumpkin, candy corn and twinkle lights or candle. It's a great twist on scavenger hunt riddles.

Let your imagination run wild when thinking of Halloween Scavenger Hunt Riddles. Whether you are hosting a group of kids or grownups who are just kids at heart, a scavenger hunt is a great way to get your guests moving and working together. And when your guests are laughing, giggling and smiling, you know you've put together a great party.

Author: Craig McKeachie is a husband, father, software developer, and the founder of halloweenscavengerhunt.com.
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