Halloween Scavenger Hunt Ideas

The trick-or-treating season is coming up and planning some spooktacular fun is a must for Halloween. Fun Halloween scavenger hunt ideas should be part of the creepy planning for this fall holiday. Check out a few of these ideas while you plan and you can be sure your guests will be howling at your party.

A scavenger hunt is always a big hit for a Halloween party and you can choose to divide into teams or groups and make the hunt easier or harder depending upon the age of guests.

Skeleton Scavenger Hunt

One fun Halloween scavenger hunt idea for any age (but perhaps better for older kids so younger kids don't get scared) is to do a body part hunt. This can be done a number of ways. Hide plastic body parts around the party area then turn hunters loose to find enough parts to create a body. You can also disassemble a plastic skeleton and send hunters out to find all the bones. Once all bones are found, have a race to see which team can get the skeleton put back together the fastest.

Another body part hunt could be a "living" body part scavenger hunt. Make lists of body parts such as "painted fingernails," "green eyes," "streaked hair" "pierced ears" and the like then each person should go around the room getting signatures from the person who has the specific body part. The first person to collect an entire body or a specific goal is the winner.

How about a different type of body part scavenger hunt? Use the plastic skeleton's body parts to help participants find hidden clues. Tape a clue to the next item on the hunt on each body part then hide the parts around.

Halloween Game for Adults

If you have guests who can drive (adults and teens), enlist the help of neighbors and friends who live nearby to help with this scavenger hunt. Plant items at these homes then create clues to lead teams to the homes. At the homes, teams will need to collect the item and find the clue for the next location. The first team to return to the party location wins.

Best Tip: In the dark

A hunt in the dark with a fluorescent plastic skeleton will take the hunt to the next level. Give each group of participants a flashlight and things get a whole lot more fun and interesting for everyone.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Creative Prizes

Get creative with scavenger hunt prizes. The prizes should be age appropriate and also appropriate for the amount of work required to complete the scavenger hunt. A complicated hunt that requires driving or a lot of creative thinking should offer a more substantial prize. Consider gift cards, coupons for free ice cream or snacks at local eateries or similar goodies. For younger kids, small goodies could be prizes or perhaps a delicious snack such as pizza or ice cream could be waiting at the end of the hunt. If you divide into teams, the end of the hunt could feature a pumpkin carving contest as a fun reward for the hard work.

Be sure to include plenty of take home goodies for scavenger hunters to enjoy.

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