Halloween Scavenger Hunt Clues

When my nieces and nephews got too old for the usual holiday egg hunts or plain old trick or treat, my older siblings would put me in charge of planning their holiday entertainment. Scavenger hunts became my forte. The same clues I used for them to track down their Christmas gifts or Easter baskets can be easily tweaked to become Halloween Scavenger Hunt Clues.

Older kids need more mental stimulation than younger ones. I don't feel right just handing out candy and sweet treats to the older kids that can work a bit more to get them. These Halloween Scavenger Hunt Clues can be a real brain squeezing workout, but still fun at the same time.


  • Don't let them see your face. If you are wise, you will wear this great disguise. (mask)
  • Casting evil spells and mixing potions, but look at that! While flying on my broom I lost my hat! (witch's hat)
  • Wrap me up! Wrap me up so I stay fresh and will keep! Wrap me up so I can enjoy my forever sleep. (mummy)
  • Ride on me right out of the room, I'm magically powered, without fume. (The broom)
  • Boil, trouble and toil, I live and grow in soil. (potted house plant)
  • Sometimes curses and hexes do come true, perhaps to be rid of evil you should make magical brew! (coffee maker carafe)
  • Spiders and creepy crawlies seem to lounge around; where you lounge is where the next clue can be found. (couch)
  • Some are purple, some are pink the Wicked Witch's striped ones are kept here and they sure do stink.(sock drawer)
  • Eye of newt must stay fresh. This where they should be chilling with the hair of the frog and all the rest. (refrigerator)
  • Gooey and crisp, sweet to eat, get on the stick, use your nose and follow your feet. (by candy apples)
  • Some use them to make pleasant smelling pies, on Halloween night the Great One shall rise. (by some pumpkins)
  • Although he wishes he only had a brain, he does not know what he may hold, because he's insane. (Scarecrow)

  • Crunchy, salty balls on a stick, this light and fluffy crunch is everyone's pick. (popcorn balls)
  • Blood red liquid in a cup, vampires are jealous when you drink this up. (punch bowl)
  • Today the sweets are out, but any other day the sweets are what I am about. (candy jar)
  • Eye balls rolling, clowns a'fooling, go ahead and run to where the dog is drooling. (dog bowl)
  • Ghosts and gobblins must come to the door, who knows what you may find near that floor. (door way)
  • Scary screams, eery sites, every Halloween this is where you see late night frights. (television)
  • Blood can stain vampire teeth red, do not let yours stain, take care of them like your mother said. (toothpaste drawer/medicine cabinet)
  • Werewolves howl, and smell so foul. Who could possibly know where they hang their towel? (bathroom shower/towel rack)
  • Your treats are waiting here, where you see yourself, do not fear. (bathroom mirror)

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These Halloween Scavenger Hunt Clues can be used, as well as others you come with yourself, to get older kids really involved in having a good time. Just getting through the first couple of clues can spark some interest. Soon the boredom that most pre-teens ooze will melt away as you see their brains really work to find their booty.

Author: Craig McKeachie is a husband, father, software developer, and the founder of halloweenscavengerhunt.com.
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